Reach Higher 2025

Reach Higher 2025 is an open invitation to the entire Grand Valley State University community to join together in our shared mission and vision as we strategically plan forward through 2025 and beyond. Through three key commitments, Lakers are joining together to Reach Higher and make an impact on the communities and societies of which we are an integral part.

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At Grand Valley State University, we empower learners in their pursuits, professions, and purpose. The university enriches society through excellent teaching, active scholarship, advancement of equity, and public service.

People sitting at a table under an umbrella Grand Valley's Allendale campus

Grand Valley State University will prepare globally minded citizens for the future they face and the communities they shape. Our community of educators create and employ innovative approaches to liberal education and professional programs that center on and prepare students for a lifetime of continual learning and growth.

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Our Values
Inclusive and Equitable Community
International Perspectives

"I'm learning about my discipline with my professor in the field and taking a deeper dive in what I might want to do in the future."

Colin Assenmacher,
Biology Major

"As a returning adult student, it is so important for me to finish my degree. GVSU is helping me realize professional and personal goals."

Christina Mireles,
LEADS Program

"Sustainability has become very literal to me. We have to sustain and create a more equitable world for future generations, including our students and my own kids."

Yumiko Jakobcic, Ph.D.
GVSU Alumna, Office of Sustainability Practices Director